Bounce! Indoor Trampoline Park

Milton Keynes

get ready to bounce....

Imagine bouncing off the walls, having fun with friends in a 14,000 sq ft playground with a sea of wall to wall interconnected trampolines!

Bounce is the first indoor trampoline park in the UK and offers over 14,000 sq ft of 100 interconnected trampolines and state of the art equipment which includes a dodgeball court, slam dunk hoops, bounce arena, baby bounce court and somersault pit. For party and relaxation we have specially designed VIP rooms and a coffee area.
Bounce is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, and has dedicated sessions for teens, toddlers and even mums with Teen Friday's, baby bounce and bounce-fit on the agenda. Bounce is also the ideal destination when arranging a kids party or school outing, as well as for corporate events such as brainstorming sessions or office parties.

so what are you waiting for...?

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