8 Week Mindfulness Stress Reduction course

Milton Keynes

The dates for this course is 4/3, 11/3, 18/3, 25/3, (2/4 optional re-cap), 8/4, 15/4, 22/4, 29/4.<br /><br />Mindfulness training will enable you to function better. <br />People who are more adept at working with their minds and mental states perform better. <br /><br />Repeated studies* have shown that mindfulness programmes produce a number of benefits including:<br /><br />Enhanced ability to focus and pay attention<br />Improved self-awareness and the awareness of others<br /><br />Raised levels of resilience and emotional intelligence<br />Strengthened cognitive effectiveness<br /><br />Increased ability to manage stress effectively<br /><br />Longer and better quality sleep, with fewer sleep disturbances<br /><br />An increase in disease fighting antibodies, suggesting improvements to the immune system<br /><br />The program is delivered in an informal, relaxed and friendly atmosphere helping to reduce your stress levels, learn to meditate, be calm and still your mind.

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