Chepstow Meet-up

Group meet-ups in Chepstow are organised by Local Mumsnetter Volunteer Rachael77.

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  • Rachael77 01-Oct-2014 21:18 Add message | Message poster

    We are planning a mums only night out very soon, plus one for the start of December too. If you wanted to meet up with your little ones let me know, maybe meet at a baby/toddler group in the week - there are a few mums that meet on a regular basis. If you are interested let me know.

  • Kati3 01-Oct-2014 19:56 Add message | Message poster


    Are there any plans for an upcoming meet up? Thanks :)

  • Rachael77 28-Jul-2014 14:45 Add message | Message poster

    I though I would see if anyone had any ideas for the next meet- up? I would like to arrange one that would suit more people so let me know if there are specific days that you would prefer, places to meet or any thing that you would like me to try and organise? Would be great to get more people meeting up and making new friends.

  • Rachael77 24-Jul-2014 08:38 Add message | Message poster

    If you are interested in coming to the BBQ Saturday, could you please message me so I can let you know the address (it's at a parents house so would prefer to PM the address). Hopefully should be a nice sunny day so would make a great day for making new friends!

    Also we do meet up for coffee on a Tuesday morning if anyone is interested in joining us (apart from next Tuesday). If your interested let me know and I will confirm details closer to the time as if it's nice we tend to go to park so the kids can run around (well the ones that are old enough to can!)