cleaning services for busy mums


Are you looking for somebody who will clean your home just as good as you would if you only had a little bit more time?
I might be the one you are looking for. I am a mother of two so I know how important it is to keep your home clean and tidy. Here is what I offer:
Thorough cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens.
Wiping of cupboard fronts and washing floors.
Dusting of skirting boards, pictures, lamp shades, knick-knacks and ornaments, window sills, furniture and light fittings.
Complete vacuuming in every room.
Spot cleaning of paint work…and more - all you have to do is ask!

As we are groving there are two or three girls working in a team, however we can suit your needs if you wish only one girl to come and do the job.
Everything we do , we do to please you.

PS. Hate ironing - I will do that for you as well.

Very competitive prices:
Domestic cleaning from £12.00
One off cleaning from £13.00

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