The Magical Ventriloquist


Karl and his magical puppets offer a one of a kind, totally original, birthday party experience that will make your child's birthday unforgettable.

Karl specialises in entertaining children and family audiences with mischievous puppets, and a show that will keep them laughing from beginning to end.

Your child will be more than just the star of the show - Karl and his magical puppets will help them feel extra special from start to finish. Your child will get the biggest cheer of the day. It will be a party your child will love you for.

Karl and his magical puppets create a dazzling, funny, magical experience that children, parents and grandparents can all enjoy together. They'll make the party so much fun that everyone will remember it forever.

Would you like the party to be as stress free as possible? Contact Karl now to see exactly how he can make that happen.

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