J. H. Hart & Co Solicitors

Upton Park

  • 15 Plashet Grove Upton Park London, E6 1AQ

  • 080 0533 5792

Overcoming a legal challenge can often present a number of obstacles along the way. Some of those obstacles may best be conquered with assistance from an experienced solicitor. We want you to know that when you are faced with a challenge, the solicitors at our firm are prepared to offer the effective and knowledgeable advice you need.

We, the solicitors at J.H. Hart & Company, represent individuals, professionals and small business owners in Upton Park and throughout London and the United Kingdom. The firm was established in 1932 and known as Pearce & Davis, and now is strongly rooted in the community. Our clientele within the community have come to rely on our firm for competent, honest and efficient legal representation for a variety of needs. Our firm handles a range of legal matters and is a trusted source for sound legal advice.

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