Stratford Islamic Association and Masjid


In 1993 a small warehouse was purchased with the generous co-operation within the local muslim community in London.

By the Grace of Allah (subhan Allah wa ta`la) for the past 14 years our masjid is serving five daily prayers and classes for madrassa. Many alterations were made to accommodate the growing numbers of musallis. It became so popular that the students of the nearby universities, colleges, schools and business community from all around Stratford and the nearby areas are coming for daily prayers and to learn and practise Islam.

After getting permission from the local authority, the re-construction of the masjid has been successfully completed–Alhamdulillah! We humbly request all brothers & sisters to donate Lilla'h generously to repay the kharz-e-hasna of approximately £480,000.00 ( As on 20th July 2012)

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