Tiny Houses Europe

King's Lynn

We make & sell a portable flat-pack micro living space called a "Tiny House" to call your home where you want your home to be that is.

Our "easy to build" kits come on 12ft 14ft and 16ft chassis and will always be a max of 2.4 meters wide. We are not qualified to offer planning advice, instead please contact your local planning answer questions about planning permission or check out your Countries planning portal website. Our fully insulated Tiny Houses comply with UK planning law and regulations. Like all structures, it is the 'incidental' use of them that is restricted so look carefully before considering a purchase.

Tiny Houses really are just that, a Tiny House, a student lodging, a couple's retreat in the garden, a spare guest space or even an extra room for a B&B or guest house. A house built for the transition to the low carbon future that is just around the corner.

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