The Fire Pit (Formerly Playboks)


If there is such a thing as the perfect campsite for families, The Fire Pit might just be it. Nestled on the fringes of the classic Norfolk village of Wendling, the site formerly known as PlayBOKS is a family-friendly camping extravaganza, inviting young and old alike to play, create and explore the surrounding wild beauty. With not a car or caravan in sight (leave your motor at the car park then trundle your gear over in the wheelbarrows), your little campers can run around the two big playing fields (conscientiously adorned with 420 sapling trees from the Woodland Trust) till their heart's content.
The idyllic camping meadow hosts 10 spacious camping pitches. The centrepiece however is The Wren's Nest, a two-level Hazel Dome Bender Tent crafted using recycled materials.

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