The Cidershed/ Brewery Tap


The Cidershed is not a shed at all. It's a red-brick and clapperboard community pub, built in 1956.

Admittedly, the pub sells a lot of cider. But then it also sells a lot of wine, a lot of Belgian lager and a hell of a lot of English draught beer.

Eight hand pumps are ranged along a magnificent bar, which is hewn from a giant redwood.

The Shed, as it is generally known, also sells second-hand books from a stall in the hall, the domain of a Liverpudlian who sports a stylish trilby and goes under the name of Dr Zog.
Well-filled rolls are readily available and Sunday lunchtimes offer the chance to savour the products of Gourmet Corner. Cheese, olives and cooked meats are available free. "We provide some and customers also bring their own. It's like a party," says Ryan.
Jazz, blues and folk bands play on a stage at the far end of the room at a volume that allows conversation.

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