Boxes & Bags Of Fun


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Toys for Creative learning & a large selection of activity based kits which contain everything thing you need to complete a task, helping you complete anything from an eco-friendly cardboard castle to a sewing project of a very cute family of cats. One unique point about the shop is that many of the products are out on tables for you and your children to try before buying.

Another service which is offered by Boxes and Bags of Fun is advice for childrens parties and other events as well as tableware, activities and gifts. On the website there is a party planner and themed ideas which are FREE to download with ideas children will love, from treasure hunts and pirate parties to making their own Teddy Bear  there is something to suit every child. Boxes and Bags of Fun prides itself on being able to offer you help, advice, supplies and ideas to make a fabulous party for your child.

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