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Hawkin's Bazaar

Norwich centre

Known nationwide as &quot;smile providers since 1973&quot; and &quot;purveyors of fun and tomfoolery&quot;, Hawkin's Bazaar has become an iconic British retailer in the world of unusual toys, gifts, gadgets, games and curiosities. <br /><br />Offering a unique and extensive collection that appeals to many ages and tastes, the shop's out-of-the-ordinary products range from retro childhood favourites and weird and wonderful gadgets, to pocket money toys and everything you need for a birthday party, bar the cake! <br /><br />Across a chain of high street shops, on www.hawkin.com and in its catalogue, customers can find everything from Airzookers and Astronaut Ice-cream to Emergency Moustaches and Robofish!<br /><br />Having stocked just 30 items when they began life in 1973, today Hawkin's Bazaar offer nearly 1,500 products with a constant supply of exciting new items available throughout the year.

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  • jenniferrhiannon

    10-May-2013 Report

    Amazing shop full of toys for parents and kids to play with!

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