Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and Good Health

Norwich centre

  • Humbleyard Centre

  • School Road, The Common, Mulbarton, Norwich, NR14 8AE

  • 01263 587652

  • guythorold@yahoo.com

  • £25 (1st), £50 (following)

Hypnotherapy combined with CBT is probably the most effective and the most enjoyable way to rebalance your lifestyle and lose weight in the long term. This is because being overweight is due mostly to underlying emotional causes - you eat not because you are hungry, but because you want to change the way you feel.

Hypnotherapy helps you to let go of these old patterns, and to develop more calmness and clarity, so that you feel much happier. As your thoughts and feelings change, so does your behaviour, and you naturally lose weight. Hypnosis is safe, natural and very relaxing, and you are in control at all times.

I work in an excellent centre, my training is very thorough and up to date, and I have been practising for 10 years, with very good results. Contact me by phone or email for a chat and more information about weight loss or any other issue.

Guy Thorold BSc, PDCBHyp, MBSCH

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