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Stewart McLintock abc eletrical

North Ayrshire & Inverclyde

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  • GleamingInStevenston

    27-Nov-2012 Report

    .. and it's probably infra-dig to recommend someone twice, but he's back rewiring my kitchen now and exactly the same fantastic service

  • GleamingInStevenston

    21-Oct-2012 Report

    very competent, very clear in advance about what things will cost, no surprises on price, written quotes. He rewired my house, lots of mess, but I don't think it could be otherwise with such extensive work. I am very happy with the results.

    I also like the fact that he encourges young people into the trade, during the time he worked with me he had an apprentice, a lad on work experience from secondary school and a lad at College who wanted to get practical experience, he supervised them all properly and sounded like he was an excellent teacher.

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