Si5 Spymissions

Northampton Wide

disabled access

Si5 Spymissions Northampton is a spy-themed Action Adventure Centre: Inside SpyMissions we have built UNS Steadfast, a state of the art battle cruiser! Your mission: stop the missile from being launched without getting caught!
The ship is divided into 16 rooms each containing an objective which you'll need to
complete to stop the terrorists launching the missile. The objectives are a mix of
physical and mental challenges, and the clock's ticking!
On each mission you will be set 4/5 of these objectives, they are changed
monthly making each visit to SpyMissions unique.
Each team has a guide who can help with any objectives you struggle with.
SpyMissions is fantastic for parties - and so easy for the parents! We have a 5 * rated cafeteria so parties can include a delicious hot meal freshly cooked whilst the team are doing their mission. See our website for AMAZING party offers!

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