Jagua with Lesley

County Wide

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Jagua is less "high impact" class, but still fantastic in its intensity and results.
Jagua is all about body sculpting, toning, stretching and strengthening the body. Weight loss is just an added bonus!! And you WILL see and feel the difference in your body in a matter of weeks... Not months!
Jagua takes it inspiration from ballet, dance, Pilates, yoga, stretch and functional workouts that really will get the results you want.
From butt firming routines with Madonna to squatting to get a firm toosh with Kylie, there is bound to be the odd favourite track popping up in a Jagua class soon!
Burning about 400 calories per class, and with little coordination needed, it is a brilliant place to start building a new you!
Come & join us in 2015, classes restart on Friday 9th January 7pm at Holy Sepulchre Church Community Rooms on Sheep Street.
Plenty of free parking available.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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