Pregnancy Hypnotherapy


Confident Childbirth is a safe &amp; flexible approach to Hypnotherapy during Pregnancy ~ supporting you through Pregnancy, Birth &amp; beyond.<br />The 4 therapy sessions are tailored to you &amp; your needs, to help you to have a calmer &amp; more confident birth.<br />Partners are welcome to join you during the sessions &amp; are encouraged to be involved in a positive way for you both.<br />You will be taught Self Hypnosis, relaxation hypnosis techniques, pain control &amp; positive visualisation, giving you the best possible tools to be able to feel more in control &amp; at ease.<br />Please contact me if you would like to discover more, or you can visit my website &amp; read about it there.<br /><br />The 4 sessions are booked around you, to suit you at whatever stage of your pregnancy you are at.<br />I look forward to hearing from you.

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