NCT Refresher Antenatal Course


Refresher classes cover the birth, feeding and postnatal information, but also look at the prospect of bringing a new baby into the family, and the effect that can have on all members.

They are a good way of concentrating on this baby and this pregnancy - often overlooked when there are toddlers and other children to look after. They are very informal and a good way of meeting others and making a friendship group for the new addition.

The course will be appropriate whether you have a small or large gap, whether it's your 2nd or your 5th baby and whether or not you have attended antenatal classes before.

There are many topics that can be covered during the class, our classes are designed so that you get to cover the things that interest or worry you.

The course consists of a 6 hour session, antenatally. There is also a 2 hour reunion for all course participants, with their baby.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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