Arty Party!

City wide

If you want to give your child an experience rather than just an event, one that will not only entertain but inspire too, then we'd like to tell you about our hassle free, enjoyable and totally fun "Creation Station Arty Parties"
Inspire Your Child's Imagination with music, dancing and games the children discover their hidden talents, expand their creativity and indulge in their imaginations! We bring out our renowned ‘Magical Ideas Box' to delight and engage your child.
The children discover the items in the ‘Magical Ideas Box'; It could be a wooden box, which the Children transform with paints and gemstones and glitter, or a stretched Canvas to create their own personal masterpiece!
After this first activity we return to the box and try out the magic again...Balls of clay may appear to be transformed into four legged creatures.... I'm sure you get the idea!

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