Alex West

West Bridgford

You've probably wasted years at the gym – jostling for space on the machines with girls in full make up on one side and the grunters dropping their weights on the other. Feel uncomfortable? It's an endurance test just to go there let alone do your 45 minutes of boring cardio exercises.

And just how effective are they?

If you want to get GREAT results then just joining a gym isn't enough. You need professional guidance which either comes from generic catch all programmes from health and fitness magazines or a Personal Trainer.

It costs a small fortune and you aren't even guaranteed results.

Well I am here to tell you there is a new way.

A way to get that expert advice you are seeking from an experienced professional trainer.

A way to get a Training Programme devised just for you with nutritional guidance.

All for less then the cost of a gym membership and a personal trainer!

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