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Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall

Nottingham centre

The Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall are right in the heart of Nottingham City Centre and are both top Midlands entertainment venues. The Theatre Royal hosts a variety of touring shows, including West End Musicals, plays and national touring dance companies. Whilst the Royal Concert Hall plays host to a fantastic selection of orchestras, comedians and pop concerts.

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  • LocalEditorNottingham

    28-Feb-2015 Report

    The Theatre Royal invited us to review To Kill a Mockingbird on Monday 23rd February 2015. Our reviewers approached the production with quite differing familiarity.

    The play is presented as an ensemble performance, with members of the cast taking turns to read from copies of the book - different editions, in celebration of this story's reach and longevity - voicing ‘adult Scout's' reflective narration. This device allows a pacy performance to present the main events, without losing its depth.

    Scenes were established on a simple set, impressively including a climbable tree. The child actors were well cast and wonderful, Connor Brundish's Dill delightfully resembling his literary portrayal. Our Mockingbird newcomers found the first act; the characters, southern accents and some delivery, required concentration, before events were resolved in the court scene. The denoument of Scout and Jem's ‘longest night' was played simply but powerfully. Boo Radley seemed suitably subterranean. Atticus was everything one expects Atticus to be; not glamorous but deeply dependable.

    The performance felt celebratory, of a great story and characters, while remaining resonant as a tale of how comfortably people conform to social expectations and prejudice, bad actions escalate and few people do really good things - yet the ones who do can be quite unexpected. Its power is in inspiring us (especially us as teenagers) to wish to be one of those few.

    J (15) says “I thought the cast were excellent. There was an offensive term used, which I was shocked by when it was first said, but I understand that this was a normal word which was used a great deal when the book was written, and my shock at its use just emphasises to me how much equality and respect have moved on. I haven't read the book, but I will now.”

    This is a fabulous interpretation and a gripping performance, whether you're coming to the story for the first time, or the fiftieth. Many people stood to applaud. The theatre was full; few tickets remain. Buy them now.

    JMB, JB and CG for Mumsnet Nottingham

  • LocalEditorNottingham

    31-Aug-2014 Report

    The Theatre Royal invited us to review ‘Scooby-Doo', showing in Nottingham from Friday 29th to Sunday 31st August 2014. The story sees Scooby, Shaggy and their friends, arrive in Egypt to solve ‘The Mystery of the Pyramid', which they set about with characteristic gusto.

    On my arrival there was a buzz of excitement as families poured into the theatre. As I took my seat next to a little girl and her mother, an air of noisy expectation pervaded; this was encouraged by upbeat music pouring from the loud speakers. This was to be a noisy, but very enjoyable, ‘mystery' show.

    The set, light and sound are all used to maximum effect in this production. There are a few scary moments when the lights go out, or are dimmed, such as the initial viewing of two dancing mummies, but these are momentary and add to the general excitement. The costumes are bright and true to the style of the television characters. The acting is excellent and includes lots of singing and dancing.

    This is a production that requires lots of audience participation: The characters come into the stalls on several occasions, offering high fives, and encourage clapping, dancing, booing and the inevitable ‘he's behind you!' throughout. The children in the audience were engaged by the story and keen to dance, boo and wave to the characters on stage. This was a show equally appreciated by the adults in the family, with some good jokes and skilful dance moves by the actors, not to mention a particularly impressive speech from Shaggy, spoken at great speed.

    Before the performance and during the interval, Scooby-Doo activity books and glowing, spinning windmills, were for sale; these proved popular with children. The production is 90 minutes long, including a 20 minute interval, which allowed plenty of time to eat ice creams, go to the toilet, and chat about the performance so far.

    Overall, a lively and engaging production brimming with energy and fun.

    CW for Mumsnet Nottingham.

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