Maths Blast! Weekend Clubs

West Bridgford

Maths becomes ‘hands on', as marker board and pen are replaced by construction projects – even escapology. Pupils literally build their own mathematical structures, from triangles to pyramids, and more intricate forms like domes, using anything from paper tubes to marshmallow and spaghetti!

Maths Blast! was created by Rufus Roberts, a masterclass speaker at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Through his outreach work, he realised that teaching children maths through building and playing was an extremely effective method that should be accessible to all children. From these ideas Maths Blast! was born, to change children's opinions of maths from ‘boring and difficult' into fun and creative.

£6 a session payable online or before each session.

17/10/2015 – Fractal Fun
24/10/2015 – Topological Tricks
31/10/2015 – Through the Looking Glass
07/11/2015 – Awesome Origami
14/11/2015 – Draw Like an Egyptian
21/11/2105 – Pointy Domes
28/11/2015 – How We Rolll
05/12/2015 – Clockwork Creations

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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