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Antenatal Class

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Natural Birthing Company runs a 4 hour antenatal class in the comfort of your own home on a private bespoke basis. Jane will contact you to discuss your needs, create a personalised programme and arrive at your house to discuss everything from preparation for labour to breastfeeding and answer all of your questions in-between! We focus on natural ways to cope with labour, keeping mobile etc. Although we will discuss pain relief such as epidurals if you want to. We will not frighten you with graphic clips of birth, or presenting you with a pair of forceps to examine. Jane's time with you is relaxed and informal yet professional and informative and you will receive your own Birthing Buddy information pack with accompanying free EBook to access from your phone.
Days & timings to suit your busy work schedule
Prices from £80 for a 4 hour session depending on location.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • MidwifeJane66

    27-Jul-2015 Report


    Running my own business and working 6 days a week left little time for antenatal classes, but I felt it was really important to be prepared for the birth and beyond. I had been reading lots of information online and looking for classes in the area that we could fit in around our busy schedule. I knew that I wanted as natural a birth as possible and so I was trying to find a class that would help me to achieve this.

    I came across The Natural Birthing Company and contacted them straight away. After speaking to Jane and Theresa I decided to book the antenatal, practical parenting and hypnobirthing classes. Jane agreed to come to our house on a Sunday to do the first 2 classes and Theresa came over one evening for 4 weeks to do the hypnobirthng class. All of the classes were fantastic. We learnt so much about what to expect before, during and after the birth. It helped us to feel fully prepared and much more relaxed. I would recommend all of the classes to any first time parents, just make sure to book them early, especially the hypnobirthing. We only had a couple of weeks before the birth to practice all the techniques and ideally I would have liked a couple of months.

    In the end it all worked out perfectly. We managed to follow our birth preferences and have a drug free water birth. There was very little intervention from the midwives in the hospital, only to check my blood pressure and baby's heartbeat. Both midwives said afterwards that they didn't need to get too involved as my husband and I looked so relaxed and in control through the whole birth. Thank you Jane and Theresa for helping us to welcome our baby girl into the world in the most calm and relaxed way possible.

    Perineal massage oil:

    Although recommended from week 34 of pregnancy I didn't start perineal massage until week 37. I did it every evening before going to bed so it became routine and I didn't forget to do it. The oil smells lovely and definitely helped to make it a more pleasant experience. It was a little tricky to get the hang of to start with, but once I had it was easy to do and worth the effort. Although doing perineal massage doesn't guarantee that you won't tear I think it does help. I was fortunate not the tear during birth, only getting a couple of grazes. I put this down to doing the massage, but I do also think that being relaxed has a big part to play as well. I didn't use much of the oil before the birth, but it is so nice that I am now using is as a general massage oil.
    Jessica Hucknall

  • MidwifeJane

    30-Mar-2015 Report

    I'd just like to say a huge thank you to Theresa and Liz the reflexologist for helping my baby to decide to make an appearance. From the moment I walked into the natural birthing company building, they put me at easeand helped me to relax. My first baby was 13 days late and I reallydidn't want that again. The reflexology was wonderful and Theresa was so supportive, offering homeopathic remedies and other ideas to try to help bring on my labour. I especially appreciated her lovely text message over the weekend and my gorgeous baby girl arrived safely only 8 days late. I would recommend the NBC to anyone wishing for a healthy, relaxed, natural birth, I wish there were more midwives like you!
    Maria – Beeston

  • MidwifeJane

    30-Mar-2015 Report

    Thanks so much for our lovely Babymoon experience. We enjoyed the whole weekend and it was very much appreciated to have your time, knowledge and empathy at our disposal for the whole duration!! As first time parents, we felt we had lots of ‘silly little questions' to ask and yet you made us feel as though no question was too silly and to go right ahead and ask it! The facilities were wonderful and all of your props and equipment that you brought made for a very calming and very well thought out environment that made us feel welcome and relaxed. Thank you. We both came away from the Babymoon feeling even more excited about meeting and caring for our baby and we have you both to thank for that!
    Harry & Steve, Bedford

  • MidwifeJane

    30-Mar-2015 Report

    My husband and I got so much more from the babymoon than I expected. It's so hard to find the time to just sit and take stock when you're expecting your first baby. I was busy tying up loose ends at work before starting maternity leave, and we spent every evening and weekend sorting the nursery and shopping for bits and bobs for baby. We did do NCT classes, but again, it was a rush getting to them after work in the evening. The babymoon meant packing our bags and leaving everything behind for a weekend. I felt so much more relaxed just being away from everything, having time to sit and talk over a nice dinner (without having to do the washing up!), and being pampered – neither of us realised just how much we needed a break until we got there! As for the classes themselves, they were fantastic. Everything was very relaxed and there was only one other couple, so we felt like we could ask anything we wanted – however odd – without feeling stupid! It was basically a chance to pick the brains of two expert midwifes – at routine appointments with my own midwife there's just never been time to do that. I found the practical parenting sessions particularly good – although we giggled most of the way through bathing and changing our ‘baby' it was really useful to go through the basics, just to feel better prepared for the real thing. All the information on labour itself was invaluable – having gone through it and delivered baby Charlie since, I can say it certainly helped me, knowing the difference between pain relief options, and just understanding what was going on in my body. I arrived at the start of the weekend with a bit of ‘information overload', having read so many different books and heard so many different opinions. But I left feeling like I was informed enough to make my own decisions, and as ready as I could be for labour and birth.
    Katie, London

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