Birth Confident Course

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I've been a midwife for over thirteen years now and I'm also a mother of two. So I know what an exciting time it is when you have or are expecting a new baby. That's why I am excited to be offering courses to expectant and new parents in Nottingham.

This course is designed to include all you need to know to help set you up with the skills and confidence for a natural birth.

Course includes:

*Pregnancy preparations for building a relationship with your baby
*An introduction to the the process of labour, understanding how your body is designed to give birth, including the hormones involved in labour and signs labour has begun.
*Massage techniques for labour.
*What to do if things don't go as you plan, how to understand your choices and challenge or make informed decisions where needed.
*Active birth techniques in relation to the female pelvis, positions for aiding decent, progress and comfort.
*The role of the birth partner, acting as an advocate and working in harmony with the midwife and doctors whilst remaining in control.
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