Lego Fire Walk


This is a wonderful opportunity to become involved in a fun and unique fundraiser for our small, local charity, Shoe Aid. We are planning on running a sponsored Lego Fire Walk this year but we need Lego. We are asking local mums to donate any unwanted pieces to us to make the walk possible. Once we have enough the founder and volunteers will walk over it...can you think of anything more painful?! On completion of the walk all the Lego will be donated to Rainbows Hospice, Nottingham.

Shoe Aid was set up to help the 1 billion people worldwide that do not own their own shoes. 300 million of these are children, of these a staggering 70 million are denied an education as a result. With your help we can help to eliminate the dreadful diseases and injuries associated with walking barefoot in dangerous and unsanitary conditions.

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