• the park center

  • The Park Center, London Road, Retford, DN22 7EB

  • 07917 501520


  • £40 per session (some concessions available)

Counselling for well being

Counselling is not just good in a crisis
It is also excellent for Self Development and healing.

Counselling allows you to enter into an open and honest dialogue with yourself enabling you to see the perfection within the imperfection.

It is not just for those that are struggling to cope
It is also for those that just simply want to feel better than they already do.

You don't have to wait until you ‘need' counselling to make positive changes now.

The 1:1 sessions are with a friendly and experienced counsellor who is professional and working under the BACP guidelines and principles. You will also be speaking in confidence.

For more details please ring Claire on 07917 501520

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