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Leo Fits... Tracks, Poles, Blinds &amp; Curtains. <br /><br />I offer a fitting service for all Curtains, Blinds, Tracks and Poles based in S.Manchester but I cover Manchester, Cheshire and most of the North West.<br /><br />I have over 8 yrs experience (John Lewis &amp; Terry's Fabrics) with measuring, advising, fitting and installing Poles, Tracks, Curtains and Blinds - Made to Measure &amp; Ready Mades. <br /><br />I can undertake jobs on any scale, yet I still provide that personal one to one service:<br /><br />I can offer: <br />1. Measuring service <br />2. Advice <br />3. Provide fixtures and tracks (if required) also supply blinds <br />4. Professionally fit tracks &amp; poles, curtains/blinds and... <br />5. Provide advice for ensuring the long life and care of your new soft furnishings. <br /><br />Prices start from as little as &pound;12.50 a blind or &pound;10.50 per track / pole.<br /><br />Every job is different so please contact me and I can provide an accurate quote. <br /><br />Leo

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