The Albion Beatnik Bookstore

Abingdon Road

The Albion Beatnik is an independent and enthusiastic bookshop in Jericho, Oxford, with an eclectic collection of titles ranging from American pulp to Beatnik poetry: definitely a bookshop with a difference, described by the Sunday Times as the "best bookshop in Oxford."

The shop hosts many events - particularly poetry and music, themed literary evenings and general talks and debates. It has a reading group which meets each month.

The shop is participative and encourages input from its community - help with the hoovering is always appreciated; this does not mean it is a zany or hippy kingdom, although love and world peace, long hair and beards, organic crap and shamanism are encouraged. You can expect 10% discount if you have dreadz (cool) or like Miles Davis and explain why.

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