Building Teenage Resilience & Confidence

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The Career Launchpad is a coaching programme for young people seeking Career Confidence. This two year Programme for 14 - 17 year olds focuses on Building Resilience in young people as they make the transition from School to University / Work.

"Using compassion & empathy, you developed a clear understanding of our son. Then, by listening, you gently guided (without pushing) him to believe in himself and to put in the hard work when things don't come easy"​. Parent (2013)

The Programme combines Workshops and individual Coaching:

Workshops Dates:
13 September 2014
15 November 2014
17 January 2015
14 March 2015

Places limited to 15 Students per academic year - Please reserve a place for your son and daughter soon!

INFORMATION DAY - 16th May - Free Appointments available.

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The Career-launchpad is an initiative of Oxford Psychometrics.

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