Nesting Mums - HypnoBirthing


Would you like a calm, relaxed birth for yourself and your baby?

With HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method), you will learn:
- to release your fears
- to change your expectations
- to relax
- to breathe
- to trust your body and baby
- to make sure that your body and baby work in perfect harmony to achieve a comfortable labour for yourself and for your baby
- to empower yourself (and your birth companion, whether it be your husband, partner, mum, sister or friend) to make the right decisions and to have a great birth experience
- and much much more

HypnoBirthing is for any couple who want a calm, easy, comfortable birth, no matter where they are and what happens, and to have a positive birth experience, in control of their birth.

I mainly run group classes from my home but also offer private classes. For class dates and prices, click on my website above or contact me via the 'Contact me' tab.

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