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Pelvic Girdle Pain Physiotherapist


Linda Boston is a women's health specialist physiotherapist with over 25 years experience helping women with moderate to severe pelvic girdle pain. Visit Linda at any point during your pregnancy or afterwards for treatment and recommendations for long term pelvic health.

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  • HelEvans

    01-Sep-2014 Report

    I visited Linda during my second pregnancy. I had restricted movement in my left leg and persistent pain in the left hip which often stopped me from sleeping properly. The advice from my midwife and GP was that it was "just one of those pregnancy niggles" and that it should pass after delivery. With a very busy toddler to run around after this wasn't good enough for me. With a few very simple movements Linda was able to restore my movement and I attended her pilates classes for the remainder of my pregnancy and until returning to work to maintain the treatment. I would highly recommend Linda.

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