Chloe's Restaurant

Plymouth Wide

Chloe's has been created by Husband and Wife Team Jo and Didier Franchet. Didier is the French Chef slaving away in the kitchen to ensure your palate and tastebuds are kept entertained like only the French know how; and Jo is the sociable friendly side of the English Front of House team, together with Chloe, Elizabeth, Joseph, Issy and Annie. If you are really lucky, occasionally you will actually get to meet Chloe Franchet (aged 10) and Rochelle Franchet (aged 7). They are sometimes on hand to open the doors for you to say good evening or goodnight. They are also on hand sometimes to offer you bread and show you to your table. They are very polite and love to meet people so watch out for them if you do pop in early!! It really is a family-run restaurant.

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