Birth & Baby Preparation Courses


4 week course 2 hours per evening, check site for next available course.

Week 1: Labour and birth

Week 2: Pain relief

Week 3: Breast feeding and baby care

Week 4: Baby first aid

Learn the process of labour and understand what is happening to your body. Your partner will learn how to help you through your labour together at home in the early stages with relaxation, massage and breathing techniques. You will learn how different positions will help your baby to descend in labour and help with the birth.

Advice on how to breast feed, how to avoid problems, how your partner can really help. Learn the behaviour of your new baby and how to help to soothe him/her

You both will learn baby resus, choking, fits, meningitis, sudden infant death and more. Included is a baby first aid book.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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