Baffins Pond And Tangier Field


The main attraction is the large natural pond, a diverse habitat for a wide range of flora and fauna. The pond is managed as a wildlife refuge for ducks and other wildfowl.

To the east of the pond area is Tangier Field, a large grasssed open space which is a valuable habitat for Brent Geese visiting the Solent area in the winter months. Because Brent Geese are an internationally important protected species, there is no public access to the fenced enclosure between 1 October to 31 March, when the birds are in residence.

•play area - with equipment for all ages, and a sand pit. Recently upgraded to improve equipment and accessibility
•ball-court - with basketball and 5-a-side goals Close to the play area
•5-a-side goals - in Tangier Field
•Baffins Pond Association base - local community charity organising events and environmental projects.

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