Homeopathy drop in clinic for acutes


My acute drop in clinic is every Thursday 12noon to 2pm and the last Saturday of each month from 10am to 2pm

Acute conditions are those self-limiting conditions you may usually visit your GP or pharmacist for, including hayfever, colds, flu, rashes, ear ache, sore throats, headache, period pains, anxiety, bites and stings, boils, bruising, chickenpox, cold sores, colic, constipation, coughs, croup, cystitis, preparing for dental treatment or after, diarrhoea, eye inflammation, food poisoning, haemorrhoids, hangover, hives, injuries, jet lag, measles, menstrual problems, mouth ulcers, mumps, nosebleeds, shock after trauma, splinters, sprains and strains, stage fright/exam nerves, stiff neck, sunburn, preparing for surgery or after, teething problems, travel sickness, vomiting, whiplash, wounds and so on.

The cost is £12 for a 15 minute consultation and includes remedies.

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