Cafe Fresch


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Cafe Fresch provide a wide range of food &quot; &ldquo;Freschly &quot;&ldquo; made to order. Our Sweet Chilli Chicken Panini's are tasty as are our Baguettes which we bake fresch daily.<br />Our salads always go down well this time of year, try a chicken or prawn one, both with low fat mayonnaise if you are watching your waistline! <br /><br />We have children's meals available consisting of a ham, jam, cheese, chicken or tuna sandwich or they can have beans on toast or a mini pizza. These are served with either a piece of fruit or crisps, a carton or juice and ice cream.<br />If you're shopping and want a nice afternoon treat, come in and enjoy a nice pot of tea with a slice of gooey chocolate fudge cake or a smooth latte with a sticky toffee apple muffin.<br />The store is on one level and so has easy access for prams and wheelchairs.<br /><br />We are proud to have a 5 star hygiene rating.

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