Scentsy Consultant


Hi guy's.<br />Want to make a bit of extra cash, With a amazing company. it's not like any other Direct selling company out there. Only been in the U.K for just over a year.<br />So What is Scentsy ??? Well it's a safe way to fragrance your home, In a plug in warmer. &amp; all you do is add a cube of wax &amp; your ready to go, The products are of the highest quailty.<br />There are no Tragets, Pressure's deadlines, you can put as much or as little as you like into it, <br />Say for example you want something just for you, Board @ home or want to add to your job income &amp; meet amazing people then Scentsy is for you :). Please contact me for all info, <br />I joined last July as a hobby &amp; now i have a team YEY lol. I don't see it as a hobby anymore, But i can have days of when i want ect, Really good incentives, Free &amp; half priced item's &amp; you get to meet great m8t's while doing it :)