Cheerleading, Dance, Stunt and Tumble


Since 2008 Superstars have worked with thousands of young people across Berkshire offering expert coaching for beginners to elite aged 3yrs-Adult.

We offer tailored training to adults who are either new to the sport or haven't done it in a while. We have a great number of adults who train with us (18-37yrs old currently but we don't have an upper age limit).

If you've ever thought cheerleading looked like fun or if you know you love to dance - get in touch and come give it a go.

We are currently lucky to have some funding support from Berkshire Sport for adults 19-25yrs trying us for the first time. (And even if you're outside that age range - you're still welcome to come give it a go.)

For more information check out our website above and/or signup with our online form so we can invite you to a trial.

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