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Group meet-ups in Caversham are organised by Local Mumsnetter Volunteer MammaCav.

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  • MammaCav 14-Feb-2014 10:30 Add message | Message poster

    Welcome to 2012BabyBabyBaby.

    I'm guessing the weather is driving your little ones stir crazy! I hope you are all OK and not too badly affected by the weather and water. If anything - we've had a chance to see our landscape change before our eyes, watch duck and gulls swimming on the meadows, children canoeing and my friend even got pics of a water skier on the meadows!!!

    If anyone would like me to arrange a meet up - pls let me know.

  • Manulla 20-Jan-2014 21:20 Add message | Message poster

    Thanks for the useful information! Do you think Chrsitchurch Meadow is walking distance from Caversham Park Village? It looks quite far on the map. I will post or message again once I move so I come along and meet the group! Manu

  • MammaCav 20-Jan-2014 15:18 Add message | Message poster

    Welcome to CateSchofield :)

  • MammaCav 20-Jan-2014 10:50 Add message | Message poster

    Oh - and I forgot to say - a warm welcome to Manulla!

  • MammaCav 20-Jan-2014 10:49 Add message | Message poster

    Hi everyone

    My daughter is 9 yrs old so I'm a little out of touch with things to do in Caversham but here's what we used to do:

    Caversham LIbrary - signing and story telling plus other events. They used to have a schedule so you could see what was planned.

    Amersham Road Community Centre and Children's Centre - there's always stuff going on there, especially for the under 5s.

    Milestone Centre - their notice board is great to see what's happening at the centre an surrounding area

    depending on where you live, lots of the church halls etc have stuff going on

    there's the little play area on the field on Gosbrook going towards the village. Then of course, there's Christchurch Meadows which is a walk away - we are spoilt with this as it's lovely in the warmer sunnier months.

    Wordplay on Prospect Street - I think they have stuff going on or know where there are things happening.

    And for those who drive, we are spoilt for choice. Our fave is Beale Park. We've had a membership there since my daughter was born and every year, she asks that we renew. The park on Albert Road is great and has loos. The Copse in CPV is great for adventure walks or, when they get older, star gazing - we had a lovely time last year watching the meteor showers with our sleeping bags, flasks of hot chocolate and phone app to star gaze at the same time!

    I'm sure there's lots more but I've been out of that loop for some years now...

    Please contact me directly of via this page any time if you would like me to set up any meetings etc.

  • Manulla 18-Jan-2014 21:06 Add message | Message poster

    Hi I am hoping to move from east Reading to Caversham Park Village soon. I have a 3.5 year old and a nine month old. Is there much to do for children in walking distance to cpv? Any toddler groups or meet-ups? If not as soon as I move I will be looking to set something up if there is interest. Thanks!