Brown's Bar & Brasserie

Reading centre

Since opening our first Browns in 1973, we've been providing delicious food and refreshing drinks, in beautiful surroundings with superb service.<br /><br />Our menus are carefully created using exceptional ingredients and our chefs are chosen for their talent, passion and flair.<br /><br />Join us for a bit of fizz and a lot of sparkle &ndash; you could try one of our famous cocktails, all shaken and stirred with equal measures of skill and enthusiasm.<br /><br />We have Browns across London and its suburbs plus 18 other amazing cities across the UK.<br /><br />Whichever one you visit, you'll enjoy service that's attentive but never obtrusive, a wonderful atmosphere we like to call our stylish buzz and the kind of food that you'll love.<br /><br />Quite simply, great food, great cocktails &amp; great people!<br /><br />Open: 10.00am<br />Close: 11.00pm (Thurs, Fri &amp; Sat close at 12am)<br /><br />Last Food Order: 10.00pm (Fri &amp; Sat 10.30pm)

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