Sid and Evie's


Suzanne is a local to South Woodford and has always been involved in retail and business. It was only after she had children, however, that she began to rely more heavily on her local high street, and to arrive at a few realisations.

There were lots of parents and kids in the area, but not a lot of choice for people who wanted to shop locally with their children, without having to drive to a shopping centre or rely on the limited options in chain stores.

So, Sid and Evie's was born, to provide interesting and distinctive products for babies, children and parents-to-be, all of which are carefully hand-sourced by Suzanne, and – most importantly – sold at affordable prices.

Our shop is based in George Lane, South Woodford, but our web site offers a panoramic view of the shop, including our wonderful childrens' play area.

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