Foot Solutions Richmond


Do you end each day feeling as if you can't take another step?<br />Hate shoe shopping because you can never seem to find just the right size, shape or style?<br />Feel like your feet have changed size and shape since having children?<br /><br />Welcome to your solution - Foot Solutions! Stop in and explore a world of fit and comfort options, as one of our friendly experts guides you through a FootSteps Personal Evaluation. You'll be amazed at the difference - improved posture, and even a reduction in shoulder, back and knee pain with our shoe inserts. You can even increase your calorie burning power!<br /><br />Comfort doesn't mean boring. Our shoes are on-trend - we only sell high quality brands from e.g. the US and Continental Europe, that you will not find in other shops locally.<br /><br />Visit us today to talk with one of our experts and learn how to MAKE YOUR FEET HAPPY :) Follow us on Twitter @footrichmond

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