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No matter what your domestic cleaning needs are, our cleaning teams can help you. From dusting and vacuuming to de-greasing your oven and cleaning your floors, there's no job too big or too small for our cleaning service. If you live in the Barnes area and you're looking for a reliable cleaning service for your home then our company is here to help you. Whether you're looking for a one-off clean or if you're interested in hiring a regular cleaner for your home, there's definitely a way in which our company can help you.

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  • marktorres

    08-Sep-2016 Report

    I didn't realise how important it is to keep a clean office! Having Barnes Cleaners and their office cleaning service has meant that my office doesn't just look cleaner and more professional, but I've also noticed a difference in my health. Now that I'm not working in a dusty environment I find it's much easier to get through the day. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  • DwightHanson

    06-Jul-2015 Report

    As soon as I called up Barnes Cleaners, I knew they were the perfect company for me. Normally customer service is awful. But this company's was great. The woman I spoke to was helpful, friendly and answered all my questions. There were no hidden fees, no delays. Everything ran smoothly. This company, there's no doubt about it, is fantastic! And the cleaners were just as good as the customer service staff. I am over the moon and highly recommend this company.

  • EdnaFlores

    15-May-2015 Report

    My kids had spilt a fizzy drink all over my settee and I was panicking. Though it wasn't new I didn't want to buy a new one just yet. I looked online for same carpet cleaning services and came across a local company called Barnes Cleaners who supplied emergency call outs. I was so pleased when I they were able to call out within a couple of hours. The spillages were soon sorted by two lovely assistants, and there was no lasting stains or odours. It was a brilliant service at a great cost.

  • JoySmith6767

    28-Nov-2014 Report

    Thank to Barnes Cleaners for my monthly visit, once again you did a superb job, this time I had carpets and rugs cleaned as well because they do such a fantastic job at cleaning the rest of my home I didn't want anything to let the look down so I got the lot cleaned this time. It looks brilliant, they do a fabulous job of carpet cleaning as well as everything else that they do and I would recommend them to anyone. I've tried other cleaning companies before but these are by far the best. Price, staff everything you cannot compare, they are awesome.

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