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Hampton Wick Carpet Cleaners

Hampton Hill

When your furniture and upholstery is beginning to look a bit on the worn side, you should consider getting a cleaning company to come in and try and restore it to its original vigour.Some people will go out and spend large amounts of money on having furniture re-clad, or even buying new furniture altogether.With our furniture cleaning you'll be able to enjoy the feel of clean and new looking furniture.

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  • JordanGreene

    27-Nov-2014 Report

    I would just like to express my gratitude to the amazing Hampton Wick Carpet Cleaners, I was so close to buying new carpets until I had them cleaned by this super company. Their staff do a remarkable job and I am utterly impressed, my carpets look brand new now, I cannot believe that they are in fact 10 years old yet I am telling people to remove shoes as they walk through the door again, it's fantastic, I would never have thought they could do such an impressive job but how wrong was I? Do not underestimate this company, if you want fab results, hire them now

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