A Cheeky Kiwi Party

Borough wide

Looking for someone bright and breezy to inject some excitement into your celebrations?<br /><br />Why not invite Lemonade the Clown or Blueberry the Fairy to your Party?<br /><br />Lemonade the Clown and Blueberry the Fairy bring a dash of merriment to your special occasion. They give you 1 or 2 hours of high energy entertainment for 1-6 year olds with your choice of magic, puppets, singing, parachute fun, puppet shows, competitions, games, music and dancing. There'll be balloons, bubbles, hand painting, giggles and lots of silly business.<br /><br />Lemonade the Clown and Blueberry the Fairy have been performing at children's parties for over 8 years all around the world (London, Sydney, Paris and New Zealand!)<br />Contact us now to discuss a personalised party plan for you.

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