Targeted Hypnotherapy Treatments for Mums


Stressed Out Mum?
Not Getting Enough Sleep?
Feeling Low?
Long for a Break?
Need Help Now??

Don't worry because I can help with a range of relaxing hypnotherapy treatments all designed to support the needs of mothers.

I'm a clinical hypnotherapist specialising in mums, and can help with exhaustion, stress, loss of self, baby bonding, coping with a colicky baby, depression, confidence, phobias, fertility and IVF support, weight loss and more.

Since becoming a mother myself I began honing my hypnotherapy skills to help me cope with the various challenges I faced as a new mum. After discovering firsthand how powerful hypnotherapy was in helping me to deal with them, I created a range of targeted hypnotherapy sessions to support other mothers.

For more information on how I can help please contact me via telephone or email.

Best wishes,

Alexandra Rickard BSC (Hons) Psychology DCH

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