Projector Planar PD8150 Runco LS-5 DLP

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  • 6-Oct-2014

  • All ages

Planar PD8150 Runco LS-5 DLP Projector 15000:1 1000 Lumen 1080p 60 fps 1920:1080

Very Rare Mint condition Planar PD8150 (same as Runco LS-5) 1080p DLP Home Theater Projector

One of the best projectors ever built by the highly regarded US projector manufacturer Planar, PD8150 is their top of the range product.

It sports state of the art Texas Instruments' Full HD Dark Chip 3 chipset which allows for highest possible Contrast Ratio of 15000:1 (!!!) (Ebay's list for this feature goes as far as 8000:1 !).
This allows for black levels of very rare depth and naturalism, together with very high brightness output of 1000 Lumens.