Richmond Meet-up

Group meet-ups in Richmond are organised by Local Mumsnetter Volunteer LadyLiz.

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  • Steph91 10-Oct-2016 13:58 Add message | Message poster

    Hi there! The next meeting is showing as being for today the 10th but your message just now suggests it is tomorrow. I couldn't make today but if it is tomorrow it would be great to join. Might be my misunderstanding but if you could let me know that would be good.


  • LadyLiz 10-Oct-2016 12:28 Add message | Message poster

    Hi everyone!

    Hope to meet many of you tomorrow morning at Gail's Bakery in Richmond @ 9:30am! I'll be there with my 2 year old daughter.

    See you ladies!

  • LadyLiz 05-Oct-2016 18:13 Add message | Message poster

    Hi everyone,

    I'm the new Local Ambassador for the area and I'm looking forward to getting some meet-ups going. Join the group now if you'd like to be involved in the meet-ups, and then I'll set a date for our first one very soon.

    Looking forward to meeting you all!