Create balance & purpose in career & life

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As a career-oriented mum, you know starting a family is an opportunity to create change. Mat leave can be a great time to figure it out, but you might be:
• confused about who you are now
• worried about going back to work
• depleted trying to “have it all”
• conflicted about family/career
• torn between commitments

If you're feeling daunted, frightened, excited or inspired by this opportunity, I would love to hear from you.

Contact me to find out how working together within an individual coaching programme designed around your goals & values you can:

• Discover & become who you really want to be
• Manage your career with self-confidence & commitment
• Reduce conflict & anxiety by being clearer about your goals & values
• Develop an authentic professional brand upon returning to work
• Communicate & lead yourself and others in more effective ways

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