Weekly Breastfeeding Clinic


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In a relaxed and supportive environment Breastfeeding Specialist Geraldine Miskin helps mums to overcome any feeding difficulties.<br /><br />What will happen?<br />Geraldine works with you, helping you to understand your unique anatomy and why you and your baby may be experiencing difficulty.<br /><br />Chiropractor Hazel Dillon will also be on hand to advise why your baby may be unsettled. <br /><br />Your baby's weight will be reviewed and your milk supply assessed, before an informative and personalised discussion about your concerns which include:<br /><br />&bull; Your baby's weight gain &ndash; too little, too much<br />&bull; Baby position - how this can be improved<br />&bull; Low milk supply &ndash; how to boost your supply <br />&bull; Sore nipples &ndash; how to avoid and how to treat<br />&bull; How to ensure your baby is accessing the right balance of milk - so you can delight in comfortably breastfeeding your baby.<br /><br />Cost: &pound;30 per person For details call 020 8943 2424

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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